Friday, May 25, 2012

YouTube of the day 2012/05/22

 We want NATO ended': Thousands march in Chicago
 Rand Paul's Gay Marriage Joke
 For Randy nelsondj0180movie
 The Speech That Will Change The Course Of American History - Ron Paul In New Hampshire
 Romney Obama the Same?
 Cardboard Shredding: Baled (P)
 Ron Paul takes Republican Party of Minnesota by storm
 Solar "Death Ray" Melting a Saw Blade Steel with a 65" Spot Fresnel Lens Obsidian
 God is not good - Part 3a - Objective morality with William Lane Craig
 Vicious spiral of decline: Germany leads Europe into a worse crisis'
 Nuclear Isotope Identification - Why Is something Radioactive?
 Obama wants to continue wiretapping Americans
 RAW 250,000 Massive Montreal Rally marks 100 days of Student Protests