Monday, May 14, 2012

YouTube of the day 2012/05/13

A few interesting ones today..

 Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Nabeel Rajab & Alaa Abd El-Fattah (E4)
 American drones sold to undisclosed countries
 Assange Episode 4: Guest arrested days before show airs
 Arrested after Assange interview: Bahrain detains top human rights activist
 Making a Graphite Crucible.wmv
 Mark Kempton: Neighbors In Need
 2210: The Collapse? - National Geographic Channel
 TSA - the most hated profession in America?
 How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners
 Filament Eruption & Earth Directed CME May 13, 2012
 You are Going to Burn in Hell !!
 Iran threat overblown? Israel split over possible attack
 Backyard Foundry
 AFTERMATH : Population Zero (Full)
 Aftermath: World Without Oil . HD 720p Eng