Sunday, May 13, 2012

YouTube of the day 2012/05/12

A lot of catching up to do on my YouTube video feed..

 JPMorgan loses $2bn in hedging 'error'
 God is not good - William lane Craig - part 1
 Genocide and the flood - God is not good - with William Lane Craig - Part 2
 God is not good - Part 3 - with Josef Fritzl and William Lane Craig
 America - the painkillers nation
 Christopher Hitchens on the Origin of Religion
 Bristol Palin on Obama's Gay Marriage Support
 Chicago police spend $1 million to battle NATO protesters
 Blogger proves TSA body scanners are useless
 Internet news saved forever?
 DIY crucible cement bowl parabola mirror-like finish
 Illegal mining in Peru destroying Amazon rainforest
 An Atheist vs. Christian Scammers
 An Accurate Genesis
 Oil is like drugs
 Germans dare Greeks to kickstart Euro exit
 Wholly Crap! Vol 24 - Presuppositional Apologetics
 Galapagos : The Islands That Changed The World part 1
 Galapagos : The Islands That Changed The World part 2
 Galapagos : The Islands That Changed The World part 3
 Galapagos : The Islands That Changed The World part 4
 Galapagos : The Islands That Changed The World end
 National Geographic Islands: Galapagos
 Medical Marijuana Irrelevant To Romney
 Truth in Advertising
 God Bless America - Movie Review
 FBI wants more surveillance power
 Live in San Francisco? You Inhaled 75 MILLION Plutonium Atoms In Just 4 days
 The Obscenity of Christianity
 911 Operator Hangs Up On Girl
 AR11476 M-Class Solar Flares May 9/10, 2012
 US infrastructure crumbling in the hands of Congress
 Undercover Footage From Wyoming Pig Factory Farm
 RT America's new promo: two sides of the story
 Ron Paul tells Congress abandon Israeli aid
 Why You Should Care: Victory Day (E5)
 Full video: Red Square 2012 military parade
 North Carolina voters ban same-sex marriage
 Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart Loses Delta Ads
 FBI wants access to your Facebook
 US military, CIA out of control in Afghanistan'
 FBI framing members of Occupy?