Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hearings held in Texas over edits to High-school Biology textbooks as proposed by creationists (playlist)

The YouTube channel for the National Center for Science Education uploaded 16 videos of the statements of the individuals speaking at the hearings in Texas over modifications to the biology textbooks.

A serious issue here as if the state decides to water down or otherwise remove prices of proven science in order to please individuals that have no knowledge in the field and are stuck on superstitions stone age beliefs... Well then Texas would be taking a giant step backwards.

For some reason the NCSE did not create a playlist for their videos so I have compiled one here. The first is the best, a high school freshman that has more intelligence and logic than most of the rest of the speakers put together.

If you've finished the playlist and still want more, I would recommend a video series by Aron Nelson, the third speaker (known on YouTube as AronRa)

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to get the URL (link) for a Google Hangout in the new app

The new background app for Google Chrome hangouts doesn't show the URL to the specific hangout making it hard to share the link to people who can't be bothered to check their invites or are having trouble receiving calls. This is especially annoying if you want to post a public hangout to a coatroom or an instant message.

As you can see here:

How to get the url:

Right click on the page, select "view source"

This will open another window with the source code of the hangout window, at the top of the page you will find the url you're looking for. Enjoy :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Video/Photos: Transport truck crashes into light pole, leaking oil into nearby pond -Cornwall Ontario

9:30 PM September 2nd 2013

A transport appearing to contain dairy products has crashed into a light pole at 12 flags Cornwall south of the 401 exit on Brookdale Avenue causing damage to the engine resulting in an oil leak into the storm drain flowing to a nearby pond. Cornwall Fire department responded and quickly started laying down oil absorber, however, as per regulations, the Ministry of the Environment has been contacted to advise of the oil leaking into the groundwater.

Cornwall electric also responded to shut off the local power so that the vehicle could be removed.

No paramedics were on scene and it appeared to be a low speed collision, while injuries are not known, none are expected.

Lightning storm in cornwall ontario 2013 09 02

There was a beautiful lightning storm in Cornwall Ontario overnight, I went out with my Gopro Hero 3 Black camera and videotaped most of it. The video took a while to render and much longer to cut up but I think it turned out pretty nice. Here is a frame from the video:

Slow motion 8x version:
Real Time version:
A playlist of all the storms I've recorded:
A playlist of all the weather related videos, lightning, cloud time lapses etc..

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to make utorrent stream video files and download pieces sequentally

Edit 2014-05-08

Don't use utorrent, use
It's gnu opensource, cross platform windows/linux/mac/bsd
Watch the video at the bottom for more details

EDIT 2014-03-28
 (This seems to be removed from certain versions of torrent, I recommend version 3.2.2 build 28500 )

I never seem to be able to get utorrent + vlc or the built in player to stream videos properly.. 

So I figured out how to "hack" it into doing just as I wished, and download each piece sequentially so I can watch videos as they download.

To do this I went to advance settings and changed two options:
First set bt_prio_first_last_piece to true

Second, set streaming.min_buffer_piece to something ridiculously high such as 1000.

Then click the stream button and it should start downloading all the pieces in order nicely.
Now you can open in a regular media player such as media player classic.

And here is a demonstration of it working:

Monday, August 19, 2013

The "Third world" war

This is an excerpt from Counter Intelligence episode four, about an hour in, after they finish explaining how the US army targeted and destroyed the water treatment infrastructure of Iraq in the early 1990s causing the estimated deaths of over half a million Iraqi children.

Like psychological warfare itself, demonstrative violence is is as old as civilization. One of the most brutal forms would also become the symbol of one of the worlds great religious. Crucifictions were not only a means of torture and execution but demonstration to other would-be rebels.

Alexander's attitude towards defiance was either 'join me or die.' Alexander begins what would become the longest and the most brutal siege of his campaign. After seven grueling months when the walls are finally breached, seven thousand Tyrians are killed and thirty thousand enslaved. To prove a point to other cities that might resist, he has two thousand Tyrian fighters crucified.

When he was finished he allowed the bloodlust of his men to run loose and kill every, virtually every male inhabitant of the fortress, an awful display of brutality, but it was also very effective in showing any potential enemies what could happen if they resisted.

Just as Alexander made an example of Tyre, the American army would make an example of Fallujah. On March 31st 2004, four mercenaries working for Blackwater USA were captured and killed by the Iraqi resistance, their bodies dragged through the streets. 

What followed was one of the greatest war crimes in modern history. Sealing off Fallujah, and forcing adult males and teenage boys to remain, over half of the entire city was razed to the ground.

We were told going into Fallujah, into the combat area, that every single person that was walking talking and breathing was an enemy combatant. As such every single person that was walking down the street or in their house was a target.

In addition to heavy artillery and 2000 pound bombs, American troops deployed the chemical weapon white phosphorous, which burns through human flesh like acid.

The same chemical weapon was used by Israel in its 2009 assault against Gaza, a city where the majority of the population is made up of children. Depleted uranium weapons have also been used in these conflicts, despite overwhelming evidence that they cause severe health risks and contamination of the environment..........

......Just as the spraying of agent orange in Vietnam would lead to an explosion in cancer rates and birth defects, the use of white phosphorous and other munitions have produced similar results in cities like Fallujah. A study from July 2010 (a more recent one) showed a twelve fold increase in childhood cancer in the city. It also reported that an incredible 14.7 percent of children are now born with birth defects, more than fourteen times the figure recorded for Hiroshima.....

....Arabs who resist occupation with armed self defence, or conversely, adopt the tactics of their oppressors, by engaging in acts of terrorism, are widely portrayed as being motivated by religion. Yet an actual study of the subject came to the opposite conclusion. The study was conducted at the University of Chicago's project on security and terrorism. Among other revelations, it revealed that more than ninety-five percent of all suicide attacks are in response to foreign occupation, not religion.

And that was a bit more than five minutes of  the video... Watch the rest if you dare, History will judge for ignorance, if the oppressed masses do not first

And if you think it's over

The following images are from:
© Copyright 2012 Living Under Drones by Stanford Law School |

Monday, August 12, 2013

Time lapse videos

I thought I'd make a playlist of all the videos I've made that are made of frames shot over time.

Several were shot with my GoProHero 3, several with my Minolta maxxum 5d, and a few with my old Sony HDR-sr10

They should be all HD, some are 2.7k and some various 4k resolutions

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final Fantasy XV (15) Pc edition

Target: Tetsuya Nomura and Square-Enix
Sponsored by: Dice Man
Following the announcement of this title on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, discussions involving the possibility of bringing this title to the PC started to go around based on the idea that the x86 and AMD Direct3D11 spec hardware inside these consoles should allow for an easier port to the x86 PC platform.

In an interview, Tetsuya Nomura has been noted as saying the following on the possibility

"This isn't something we've really discussed, but it depends on the demand. Currently it'd require a pretty expensive PC, but if we get a lot of people in the future who want to play it with full specs, I think we can discuss supporting that."

This petition is to prove to Tetsuya Nomura and the management of Square-Enix that a PC version is desired by the PC Gaming population

This would be awesome.. I have not played final fantasy since 7, 8, 9 era, which I played religiously. I will never buy a modern generation gaming console, such as the ps4 or the Xbox one *shudders* BUT I would pay lots of money to play Final Fantasy 15 in all it's wonder on a high end gaming pc..

Friday, March 22, 2013

How to use a GOPRO Hero 3 Black edition as a webcam

Ever since I got this camera I was wondering if one could use it as a webcam.

Well you can, I figured it out.

You need Manycam, VLC media player and Wigo

Manycam only supports mjpeg streams but the gopro streams in h.264 so it cannot naively connect to the camera, hence why vlc is needed to transcode and re-stream the video.
Note, the video stream is 432x240 so not very high resolution.
Also, there is about 3-4 seconds latency.. to be expected with WiFi and transcoding in the pipeline..

In case you do not want to write out the URLs in VLC and Manycam:

This playlist has the instructions as well as a few tests.

Have fun! Now you can Skype people from the shower hahahaha :D
(or pool in your back yard... etc)
Any application that uses a webcam could take advantage of this, such as ustream, chattroulette, Facebook video messaging...

I use virtual audio cable
And set the output device on vlc to that instead of my speakers, since manycam doesnt seem to support using the audio stream from vlc/the gopro

What I really need is to be able to connect to h.264 streams in manycam with audio.
Hopefully enough people will like this so that they add the feature, and there's quite a bit  of desire for a phone app as well.

Here are a few sample videos I've taken with the camera.. imagine the applications! You could use a gopro to have a google+ hangout while diving, or ustream from a wireless portable camera..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

January 2013 temperatures vs average and rainstorm

It was very warm for about 24 hours and poured rain before becoming cold again on the last 2 days of January . see the photos and the temperature chart for this month :D
Data is from St Anicet QC weather station (also used for Cornwall Ontario.)
For captions and higher resolutions see:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I miss skype..

You know Microsoft, it was nice when skype worked... when it didn't memory leak to 800+ MB of usage while eating a cpu core on battery..

When you didn't have to pay for multi videochat..

I guess you have to make your purchase price worth it for investors, but why can't you use that as an excuse to dedicate a competent dev team to make it actually work properly?

IF you did this I might even consider paying real money for it again, yknow, i purchased service via paypal from skype several years before you bought them..