Monday, September 2, 2013

Video/Photos: Transport truck crashes into light pole, leaking oil into nearby pond -Cornwall Ontario

9:30 PM September 2nd 2013

A transport appearing to contain dairy products has crashed into a light pole at 12 flags Cornwall south of the 401 exit on Brookdale Avenue causing damage to the engine resulting in an oil leak into the storm drain flowing to a nearby pond. Cornwall Fire department responded and quickly started laying down oil absorber, however, as per regulations, the Ministry of the Environment has been contacted to advise of the oil leaking into the groundwater.

Cornwall electric also responded to shut off the local power so that the vehicle could be removed.

No paramedics were on scene and it appeared to be a low speed collision, while injuries are not known, none are expected.

Lightning storm in cornwall ontario 2013 09 02

There was a beautiful lightning storm in Cornwall Ontario overnight, I went out with my Gopro Hero 3 Black camera and videotaped most of it. The video took a while to render and much longer to cut up but I think it turned out pretty nice. Here is a frame from the video:

Slow motion 8x version:
Real Time version:
A playlist of all the storms I've recorded:
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