Saturday, May 12, 2012

YouTube of the day 2012/05/01

A bit of backlog..

 Why You Should Care: CISPA (E4)
 United Nuclear Delivery + Uranium Ore!!!
 Anti-Matter Reactor! Fun With Nuclear Alchemy
 Radio-isotopic Analysis of Post-Fukushima Accident Japanese Soil Samples
 Lebanon seizes 150 tons of Libyan arms en route to Syrian rebels
 UK to put missiles on flats' rooftops to guard Olympics
 Pills for war thrills: 110k US troops on prescribed meds
 Cuban actors to seek political asylum in US
 Australian Mining - the REAL story
 Are we in midst of 2nd Great Depression?
 LA riots: 20 years later, not much has changed
 Police brutality too common in the US?
 May Day display: Hundreds of thousands rally worldwide
 Keiser Report: How bankers stole Labor Day (E282)