Tuesday, May 22, 2012

YouTube of the day 2012/05/20

Working 4 days this week, less YouTube than normal..

 Surveillance Drone Spotted Near Chicago - For NATO Summit?
 Terrasse du bar St-Bock attaquée par des policiers
 Believers Are More Likely To..... 2 of 2
 Crushing Bahrain revolution crucial to war plans against Iran'
 Venomfangx coming to NYC -attn Josh Sofaer of Jews for Jesus
 Ron Paul: Taking over GOP delegates
 Romney: "I Stand By What I Said, Whatever It Was"
 Tribute to Richard Dawkins: We Are Going to Die
 Grexit: Army on streets & border shutdown'
 Edward Tarte--I start a new series of weekly videos
 5/19/2012 -- East coast tropical storm?! = SC, GA, FL -- offshore heading WSW
 Hasta la vista US: Mexicans wave goodbye as crisis deepens
 Obama PUNKS North Carolina (Amendment 1)
 Noam Chomsky to RT: Bush torturer, Obama just kills
 Noam Chomsky on WikiLeaks, Obama's Targeted Assassinations and Latin America's Break From US
 Alarming Discussion with Professor Noam Chomsky Regarding Our Nation and World
 Earth The Power Of The Planet - Earth
 Richard Dawkins - The Big Debate 1/6
 Richard Dawkins - The Big Debate 2/6
 Richard Dawkins - The Big Debate 3/6
 Richard Dawkins - The Big Debate 4/6

 Ron Paul Speech: Our Time Has Come
 Harvard Baseball 2012 Call Me Maybe Cover
 Video: Rare 'ring of fire' eclipse seen across Asia