Sunday, July 31, 2011

Noah's ark :D

Priceless hahahaha!

From NonStampCollector :D

Saturday, July 30, 2011

If god were a car...

Found this video from youtube friends...


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We bid... PI billion.. yea pi.. that sounds good :D

Apple, Intel, Google stand around the smoldering crispy laser burned fragments of a giant box of wires and antennas, picking through some of the shinier looking pieces.. Ericsson, EMC and Rim huddle around Microsoft as Sony, the two of which have both already eaten half of their pencils, mutter to each other in nervous anticipation. There are a couple of Chinese guys in suits who also keep begging someone to pitch dancing around looking quite grey.

Intel saw something.

It thinks quickly and writes down a piece of paper and shows it to Apple and Google carefully then lets the wind snatch the paper from its hand... Microsoft screams bloody murder making Sony choke on it's half pencil. Ericsson, EMC and Rim finally notice what Microsoft is going out about, and try to snatch the paper, but the chinese guys already got it.. They both mutter something angrily that no one can understand and walk away angrily, throwing it on the ground as they leave.

Emc picks it up and brings it back to Microsoft who rudely grabs it away quickly, staring cross-eyed at it..

Google raises its left eyebrow and coughs quietly, then quietly,


WHAT!! shouts Microsoft, who was still staring at the paper upside down and wasn't listening.. Sony slowy nudges it, red in the face dripping with sweat panting only just having removed the pencil, and whispers in Microsoft's ear. Microsoft looks confused for a moment, then gets it, and suddenly looks like it wants to explode...

Intel by now is looking just a bit green...

Google thinks for a moment, pulling out its wallet starting to count in to the tens of billions, and says:


Microsoft grabs sony, who looking quite winded, pants out another quick explanation. Microsoft seems ready to murder the next person that talks.. (emc, rim and Ericsson immediately cower behind sony)

Intel has its face in it's hands, shaking slowly...

Google has been watching Microsoft, and lets past a sly smile, Sony notices but doesn't have the currage to say anything anymore.

Google puts it's wallet away, and says


Microsoft looks slightly confused this time, but doesn't want any more explanation about this new weird number, pulls 4.5 billion dollar bills from its pocket, drops them on the ground, picks up the box and walks away, stuff falling out all over the snow.

Intel can't keep a straight face anymore, and bursts out laughing. Google smiles. Apple comes walking over eating a sandwich, no one having noticed it was gone...

(for a less allegorical interpretation see here.. ^_^ )

video facebook chat...

So recently Microsoft bought skype for like 8.5 billion usd...

Not even a month later now facebook has video chat powered by skype...

must be a lot of $$$ and handshakes going around lately heh...

I guess 8.5 billion dollars is how much it costs to put your name on an 750 million user social experiment..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Four engine electric jaugar

This is how cars should have been made to begin with...

Welcome to cornwall ontario.. x_X

Connexion Email Account Dump hacked.. on mediafire

Apparently u can get 16,959 e-mail accounts and passwords on mediafire right now

curious how they just... leave it there...


Religions act like viruses...

A somewhat eccentric description of the habits and indications of what I call the human thought virus:

Literal Protestant Christianity


More than a few general comments on the virus-like nature of religions

I have never read an essay like this one written by someone with similar experiences and personality to myself, so I do not know if anyone has proposed this before yet in the sands of time surely countless dreamers have... However I have not, and if even it only ends up benefiting me, that is too bad.. at least I tried, and I’m definitely giving my best on this one. ^_^ The following is my recounting of my perspective and understanding of what I will call “The literal protestant Christian cult.” That describes the christian behaviourism of follower that takes the King James version and/or the Greek/Hebrew manuscripts that book is derived from to be the one hundred percent literal, accurate, divine inspired, instructions of how humans should live socially, spiritually, both in action and private thought, as well as the motivations for each human life, and belief in specific afterlife.

These words are, as far as I am aware my own, and are purely speculative belief's that, while I passionately adhere to them, I have no desire to force on anyone, so if you don't like what you have read so far, and especially if you are not mentally ready to have your the core of your belief system logically and carefully challenged then stop now, even if you are only semi religious, Roman-Catholic, Muslim, or member of any religious group that does not agree with the secular global prevailing research on evolution and cosmology (i should say, my current understanding of them) as I can almost guarantee you will not like or agree with my ideas, my words will probably make you angry, you could find them downright offensive, blasphemous or worse. I will not be responsible for the actions or comments of persons that ignore the above, so, if you read this some place where you can comment, I request that you try to keep it polite and as logical and fair as possible, even though this is one of the most controversial subjects of all of our recorded time. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts :)

What I would like to propose is that the ideal system described above by the term ”Literal protestant Christian cult” is best described as a cancerous thought virus that infects the consciousness of individuals in our species through targeting the emotions and fears of humans in our current stage of evolution by way of playing on certain mental weakness caused by a variety of of inadvertently conditioned logic gaps, misinformation, ignorance, malicious intent from other minds, and almost perfect social engineering.

If you consider the human species as a unit, a single one of the many living organisms growing and living and dying through the evolution of life on the surface of our planet, and then we carefully look stretched over the last 10 thousand years of our evolution, this “cult” can be seen to have the nature of a virus in that uses the individual components of the organism, the conscious minds of people of our world, to, in the example of a complete infection case, create many exact duplicates of itself. In extreme cases, self infecting spores (full or even partial copies of the Bible) are created that can at any time cause full infection in a vulnerable individual upon contact with that consciousness. The effect to the infected organism of the virus is best described as a type of self-life suicide, indicative of a successful virus infestation, where the individual dedicates part or even all of the rest of their conscious existence towards the active dissemination of that virus, the intensity and speed of which depends on many factors like those discussed further on.

The teachings, or code of this “virus” can be even found to give profiling information to the infected minds that takes advantage of the mind’s own natural instinctual tendency towards logic and learning and skews it in one of the most elaborate perversions of the natural human conscious that our species has ever seen. It demonstratively can easily be transmitted between minds with just verbal contact, often infecting minds with below average science, social and or logic training, with genetically or physically caused mental illness, persons seeking an easy escape from the primal fear of the unknown, persons with emotional pain caused by past or recurring trauma, both physical and mental yet at the same time the same verbal strain or written spore can turn around fully infect any vulnerable mind, from the cliche “normal average everyday happy person” to the most rebellious rock star personality of society.

One of the primary methods of initial and repeat infections are caused by exposure to emotional, physical or social traumatic situations. The infection trigger can almost anything and seem impossible to identify, but when examined closely, a varying combination of the following causal factors can be seen, listed in random order:

    1. Lack of working knowledge of basic physics (gravity, motion, force, the individual pieces of the universe.)

    1. Lack of experience with basic logic problems.

    1. Age-- a young mind is much more likely to automatically trust input due to lack of previous experiences to the contrary, which is immediately compounded by the obvious inclusion of a and b.

    1. Fear-- The unknown, instinctively any living organism that is able to process even the most basic sensory input automatically distrusts the unknown as a basic survival mechanism, death being the ultimate unknown, the conscious mind of our highly developed brains actively shuns the idea of nonexistence as it creates an unattainable logic problem. Death is a one way wall in the minds perception of time and experience, and if the mind is not trained to face this calmly and/or logically, this quickly can creates a vacuum of fear that is easily filled by the virus, as it fills these voids with highly specific artificial answers the mind is fooled into believing, preying on the greedy survival instinct by promising physical eternal life and happiness for the faithful, while maintaining control by terror through fear of eternal live agony in real flames for all non-believers.

    1. Emotional/physical trauma-- These are both so tightly wrapped in each other that it can be sometimes impossible to separate, they are often mutually causal, or found in the same case. In any pain or distress, the mind seeks an outlet, a reason or scape-goat for pain, a motivation for continued survival to over-weigh or mask the pain signals flooding the infected mind. The infection can start easily in this case due to human resilience to trauma and pain when offered fantastical stories and unprovable promises of perfect recompense in the afterlife. Most humans concentrate at least at the most basic level, for the continued survival and well-being of themselves and anyone they may care for, so a system that promotes “peaceful” dissemination, specifically for the survival and afterlife physical reward of the one spreading the cult, with the claim of the heartfelt, and often fully sincere intention of doing the best possible good within that mind’s power for salvation the souls of all mankind from literal fire, makes it seem the only logical choice, while the tennents of the cult further demand that it be the only correct moral choice for any follower.

    1. Lastly, but often the strongest influence by far is that of malicious intent and/or extremely elaborate cases of social engineering. When a mind is systematical conditioned toward a specific belief system, especially as a young child, though misinformation in homeschooling in that closed environment, in repeated memorization of the teachings and book of the cult, whether for the personal gain of the molder, or as part of a previously conditioned response from infection in the parent/teacher/etc the mind can can be nearly impervious to logical attack, to reasoning, to any attempt towards discussion of the possible validity of any alternative belief systems. This creates a growth barrier blocking any further advancement in that mind’s personal evolution as the sole purpose has been reassigned from self and species survival to virus survival. The infected mind believes that the physical world does not matter, will vanish, and the the sole purpose of existence is to continue with the promise of eternal physical happiness and life while spreading the abysmal Jesus chain letter to every mind he or she meets.

Do I hate specific Christians, or religious people as a rule? Definitely not, much of my family, my parents, grandparents are sincere relatively happy Christians who I love dearly, I dont write this because I hate them, or wish them harm, I see them as sick minds, infected with the most intellectually deadly virus our species has ever known. I consider the bible and books similar not a simple collection of harmless fairy-tales with good morals with action scenes mixed in, nor the living inspired word of an almighty deity, but a collection of words that has plagued us causing endless generations of ignorance, fear, panic, hatred, mistrust, greed, suffering, written by a mix of pure hearted good people infected with variations of this hydra headed virus of religion... pouring out their lives with nothing but brotherly love for humankind, scrambled with tales of conquest of ancient pathological psychopathic murderers and rapists, a few songs about people being stupid as sheep, a volcano explosion and a lying girl who couldn't keep her legs shut, many lunatic old men writing the visions of their failing minds, passed by word of mouth and mistranslated or parts lost... all madly wasting their lives, spreading ignorance and superstition just to make an imaginary angry man in the sky happy by throwing money and and burning dead animal pieces at him..

And we make movies about zombies eating us... The worst virus infection of our history has been going strong for the last 6 to 10 thousand years.............

It’s long past time we as a species smartened the hell up and stop dedicating so much life effort to the voodoo dolls and camp fire stories our cave dwelling, sheep herding ancestors made up thousands of years ago after probably eating not a few too many forest mushrooms and cactus flowers... There are endless issues that actually matter drowning us all.