Tuesday, May 1, 2012

YouTube of the day 2012/04/29

I was pretty busy this weekend and didn't watch YouTube
 These are mostly science-techy related, more political/current events tomorrow :)

 Extremely heavy hauling to Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Mammoet makes Guiness Book of Records 

 Thermite welding Railway Tech Switzerland

Make Thermite out of Sand 

 Thermite and ICE Explosion

Halloween Special - Exploding (or Self-Carving) Pumpkin 

 Thermite fire using sand instead of iron oxide.

Make Pure Silicon Dioxide

 Penny Alchemy

Sodium and Water 

 Huge Chunk of Sodium in Pond

 Magnesium Burning in Carbon Dioxide

 Science Short: Aluminum & Iodine

 Star Ruler - Official Trailer

Ramallah- A Day In The Life 
(A Beatles cover, only a few words changed and fits 2001/09/11 perfectly)

United states declaration of independence