Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to make utorrent stream video files and download pieces sequentally

Edit 2014-05-08

Don't use utorrent, use
It's gnu opensource, cross platform windows/linux/mac/bsd
Watch the video at the bottom for more details

EDIT 2014-03-28
 (This seems to be removed from certain versions of torrent, I recommend version 3.2.2 build 28500 )

I never seem to be able to get utorrent + vlc or the built in player to stream videos properly.. 

So I figured out how to "hack" it into doing just as I wished, and download each piece sequentially so I can watch videos as they download.

To do this I went to advance settings and changed two options:
First set bt_prio_first_last_piece to true

Second, set streaming.min_buffer_piece to something ridiculously high such as 1000.

Then click the stream button and it should start downloading all the pieces in order nicely.
Now you can open in a regular media player such as media player classic.

And here is a demonstration of it working: