Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final Fantasy XV (15) Pc edition

Target: Tetsuya Nomura and Square-Enix
Sponsored by: Dice Man
Following the announcement of this title on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, discussions involving the possibility of bringing this title to the PC started to go around based on the idea that the x86 and AMD Direct3D11 spec hardware inside these consoles should allow for an easier port to the x86 PC platform.

In an interview, Tetsuya Nomura has been noted as saying the following on the possibility

"This isn't something we've really discussed, but it depends on the demand. Currently it'd require a pretty expensive PC, but if we get a lot of people in the future who want to play it with full specs, I think we can discuss supporting that."

This petition is to prove to Tetsuya Nomura and the management of Square-Enix that a PC version is desired by the PC Gaming population

This would be awesome.. I have not played final fantasy since 7, 8, 9 era, which I played religiously. I will never buy a modern generation gaming console, such as the ps4 or the Xbox one *shudders* BUT I would pay lots of money to play Final Fantasy 15 in all it's wonder on a high end gaming pc..