Monday, July 14, 2014

Mysql and gentoo

I couldn't find this in Google..
Mysql package version: dev-db/mysql-5.1.70 

13:45 < igmrlm> i'm having a dificulty with "emerge --config mysql"
13:46 <+grknight> igmrlm: ok.  i maintain it.  what's the issue?
13:46 < igmrlm> it dies saying it * Failed to load zoneinfo!
13:47 <+grknight> igmrlm: known bug in the stable version that is due to be fixed in 5.5.38 (which is a stable candidate)
13:47 <+grknight> stable cannot handle the recursion with posix pointing to itself in zoneinfo
13:47 < igmrlm> ok, cool, noob question then, how do i tell it to emerge that specific version?
13:48 <+grknight> igmrlm: 'emerge -a1 =dev-db/mysql-5.5.38 =virtual/mysql-5.5'  or use mariadb instead of mysql which will be the new default very soon