Thursday, May 15, 2014

Massive engineering menu -- Ontop Nugget D5 -- Android 4.1.2

UPDATE 2014-07-16

I was going to to write a tirade about staples, but to my surprise they were more understanding than I ever would have expected.

This cellphone turned out to be the single worst piece of electronics I ever purchased, that combined with the company made for a terrible experience.

This phone worked ok for a few months, then the antenna cable must have disintegrated or something because it would no longer get cellphone or gps reception. When i tried to contact the company that made it, ontop, they did not respond at all to email queries, they have no phone  contact and then about a week later they deleted the website for the phone.. Very shady...

**End of update**

I needed a new cell phone this year after smashing my old phone while sledding. I'm very cheap so I thought I'd try a Chinese brand, one exclusive model, the OnTop Nugget D5.

It has dual sim cards, microsd card, dual cameras, wifi, gps etc.. The usual stuff in an android, dual core cpu, more than adequate performance compared to the Samsung arm6 cpu I had before.
It's buggy, snapchat video crashes the phone, the antenna cable from the 3g/wcdma/etc modem came loose from the motherboard and I had to reattach it, and the BIGGEST ANNOYANCE OF ALL, the headphone jack is wired wrong and the only way to get stereo music from them is to hold the headset button forever.

That being said, last night I went into the engineering menu to see if i could manually update the Extended Prediction Orbit GPS satellite data, and I have to say, this engineering menu has more options than all the phones I've had put together.

(You can get the menu by "calling" number *#*#3646633#*#*)
Click any photo for a slideshow and larger versions

Main menu

 Preferred band mode
 Preferred network type
Video Telephony.. this would be cool to actually try
I suspect this could cause so major interference and may be highly illegal to do outside of  a shielded test center.. unsure perhaps only if done maliciously.. It looks like you could cause some significant problems to the Bluetooth band.. It might jam all nearby devices.
More dangerous looking settings... 
 I definitely need to experiment going out of band on FM reception, see how far it goes.

 Oh my.. What is this D:
As I said with the Bluetooth section:
I suspect this could cause so major interference and may be highly illegal to do outside of  a shielded test center.. unsure perhaps only if done maliciously.. It looks like you could cause some significant problems to the Wifi band.. It might jam all nearby devices.
 Read/write access to the WIFI_NVRAM ???!
 Oh I most certainly must find out what
"MCR Read and read and write WiFi control register. warning The operation of non-professionals is forbidden"
I detect some.. chinglish or something :P
 Well then..
Built in network utilities..
Idk what shell does, ping and ping ipv6 are obvious, DNS gives an error and.. HTTP RESPONSE is like curl ing a website to your local tty
Manually configure MTU on every one of your network devices 
 This was amaaaaazing.. Of course, the volumes were not as high as they could go, this I modified to be able to increase my headphones and open-air ringer volumes :D
This is where it got creepy..
Full hardware level, silent raw voip speech data logging 
 Full hardware level audio stream dumping to sd card D:
CPU Stress Test doesn't work. 
 I decided not to see what would happen if I pushed the button to disable the LCD control module..
Really now.. that's interesting, I wonder if it can be used. 

 Ohh gps stress testing, full NMEA logging to SD...
Here you can edit where the AGPS data comes from 
 I'm curious what the "hot cold warm full" buttons do..
Interesting that they're in a location settings page "you're getting colder, you have no idea what this is for lmao ;)"
 JAM scan. What is this!?!
Ohh boy more logging.... 
Changing this didn't seem to do much right away, however I wonder if the engineer debug mode has something more to explore. 

At least this log (the only one) shows a notification that the logging system is enabled. 
 Tcpdump to sdcard... is this ever a security issue xD
You know what, I bet this could be used to turn the cellphone into a wifi scanner, one that actually logs all the data over the air instead of just the bssid/essids, combine it with that wifi rx test mode and turn on the tdpdump, definitely going to have to try this out more.
 Thermal is only enabled on the engineering OS build apparently..
This is one of the logs that the system logger can make.

Well then.. 154 pages of engineering menu, that's insane, awesome... fun hehehehe :)