Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google buys Motorola and pwns most everyone at once.

So Google bought Motorola... Immediately comes to mind the smartphone industry, all the Android OS devices, tablets and such. Google has been fighting against Apple for some time to take over the ipod and iphone/ipad markets. Google has also been testing it's service Google+ for the last few months, with the intention of making a "Facebook killer" but it's been a bit slow to catch on. Now with Google in not only the OS writing process of that market and the device manufacturing part of a major part of the consumer market they just became a huge player on this field.

*edit It has been pointed out to me that below is part of Motorola Solutions, not Motorola Mobility, and has been unaffected by the buyout.

This is not the only thing Google just bought their way into though; Motorola is the major manufacture of small business to enterprise to government products, for example:

Digital and Encrypted audio and data radio transmissions, portable, vehicle, air, and base station size.
Custom data terminals, rugged devices for warehouse, infield, extreme weather/hazard environments.
Bar code scanners
So many different types of custom microprocessors its impossible to list, a quick Google (lulz) search will show...
Motorola has a huge portion of the government and law enforcement market, makes all the radios for most large police and public safety agencies, border police, military encrypted communications for the United States and Canada, the RCMP as well... not to mention the radios on the cellphone towers that are delivering service in gsm, lte, etc...
"Government agencies rely on Motorola's ASTRO 25 mission critical communications "

What I think.. is that if this plays the way Google wants, they will make the chips in the device, the radio it connects to, the internet network it goes on, the encryption technology it uses, the operating system it runs, and the apps it runs as well as every single thing you will ever want to do on them on their own servers with better than military grade security teams for everyone at home, work, play and government.

Google 1
Rest of the consumer world 0

I bet this is why Google bid pi just laughing at all the big players when they bid on Nortel, they knew someone else would be desperate enough to out bid them and already were planning to buy motorola... see my highly imaginative article below haha...



Just got this in my email:

Dear MOTODEV member,

Today, Google and Motorola Mobility have announced their intention to enter an agreement under which Google will acquire Motorola Mobility. This is a positive step in Motorola Mobility's evolution and exciting news for the Android ecosystem. 

As you know, Motorola Mobility has played a leading role in the advancement of the Android platform globally. With Google, we plan to continue to build upon our 80-year history of technology innovation and take Motorola Mobility's cutting-edge products and solutions to the next level.

We do not expect this announced transaction to have any immediate impact on MOTODEV programs or activities. As the transaction moves forward we will keep you informed as details become available.

As always, technology innovation remains the lifeblood of Motorola Mobility and the success of our developer community remains top priority for MOTODEV.

The MOTODEV team