Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We bid... PI billion.. yea pi.. that sounds good :D

Apple, Intel, Google stand around the smoldering crispy laser burned fragments of a giant box of wires and antennas, picking through some of the shinier looking pieces.. Ericsson, EMC and Rim huddle around Microsoft as Sony, the two of which have both already eaten half of their pencils, mutter to each other in nervous anticipation. There are a couple of Chinese guys in suits who also keep begging someone to pitch dancing around looking quite grey.

Intel saw something.

It thinks quickly and writes down a piece of paper and shows it to Apple and Google carefully then lets the wind snatch the paper from its hand... Microsoft screams bloody murder making Sony choke on it's half pencil. Ericsson, EMC and Rim finally notice what Microsoft is going out about, and try to snatch the paper, but the chinese guys already got it.. They both mutter something angrily that no one can understand and walk away angrily, throwing it on the ground as they leave.

Emc picks it up and brings it back to Microsoft who rudely grabs it away quickly, staring cross-eyed at it..

Google raises its left eyebrow and coughs quietly, then quietly,


WHAT!! shouts Microsoft, who was still staring at the paper upside down and wasn't listening.. Sony slowy nudges it, red in the face dripping with sweat panting only just having removed the pencil, and whispers in Microsoft's ear. Microsoft looks confused for a moment, then gets it, and suddenly looks like it wants to explode...

Intel by now is looking just a bit green...

Google thinks for a moment, pulling out its wallet starting to count in to the tens of billions, and says:


Microsoft grabs sony, who looking quite winded, pants out another quick explanation. Microsoft seems ready to murder the next person that talks.. (emc, rim and Ericsson immediately cower behind sony)

Intel has its face in it's hands, shaking slowly...

Google has been watching Microsoft, and lets past a sly smile, Sony notices but doesn't have the currage to say anything anymore.

Google puts it's wallet away, and says


Microsoft looks slightly confused this time, but doesn't want any more explanation about this new weird number, pulls 4.5 billion dollar bills from its pocket, drops them on the ground, picks up the box and walks away, stuff falling out all over the snow.

Intel can't keep a straight face anymore, and bursts out laughing. Google smiles. Apple comes walking over eating a sandwich, no one having noticed it was gone...

(for a less allegorical interpretation see here.. ^_^ )