Tuesday, June 26, 2012

YouTube of the day 2012/06/25

Some important subjects in this post..

 Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson - Collision Of Lives (The Documentary)
 Forcibly Sterilized? NC Republicans Say Too Bad
 Cesium 137 Detected in my Rain! (Radioactive Rain Detected)

This guy has detected Cesium 137 in his rain water.. One of the interesting comments he made was that, if he tested milk from the store and published the results, he would be sued by the milk industry, even if it was confirmed by a dedicated lab..
 Max Keiser: 'The banks are dead'
Some 15 banks, including Bank of America have had their credit ratings lowered..

 "M" Game of Thrones Solo Guitar Version
 Syria military shoots down Turkish warplane
 TSA trained to touch your genitals?
 Freed Texas Death Row Prisoner Anthony Graves on Surviving Torture of Solitary Confinement
If you watch any of these... watch this one..
 Bank downgrade "shocker" aims to plant fear & panic'
 How much does happiness cost in America?
 Families protest against extradition in the UK

Has an american citizen ever in history been extradited from the united states to another country to face trial for a crime allegedly committed from inside the united states?
Such as the united states wishes to do for British citizens?
As far as I can find, no...

 Obama Trade Deal To Put Corporations Above The Law
Obama has only continued to take freedoms away from the people of the USA..
 Turbulent Pakistan has new PM